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Who Are We?

DrGlass (S) Pte Ltd was established in 2005 by  experience in the automotive trade since the age of 14. Although it is a fairly new company, it has received numerous positive feedback and testimonials from its satisfied clients. DrGlass is a family providing vehicle restoration businesses which makes it easy accessible for anyone to repair their car at an affordable rate. Since its inception, it has developed high saving opportunity into consumers and corporate clients.

Founded by , a former Car Groomer who is a car fanatic! He was aspired by his passion to make every car repair accessible, trustworthy and economical for everyone. One of the main services provided by DrGlass is glass restoration work. Any crack that is smaller than a 50 cent coin on the front windscreen can be repaired by DrGlass regardless of any car make and model. From assessing the damage and removing dirt to injecting a special patented resin and curing with ultraviolet light, the whole process requires approximately 30 minutes, allowing DrGlass to provide a hassle free and time-saving service for its customers.

We are a company that takes pride in all of our restoration services. We strive to be a leader in the trade by acquiring the latest technology and providing only the best service.


Executive Team



The founder of DrGlass  is responsible for all day-to-day operations as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.

What motivates him in life?

“Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE; the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE”!  - Audrey Hepburn
  We have established a strong company culture and based the cornerstone of DrGlass on a shared mission, vision and value system. Our business success and rapid growth are built on the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and a positive focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

When new employees join us, they will attend an extensive orientation and team-building program and undergo strict trainings. Strong shared values have enabled us to maintain a common company culture and community, no matter how large we grow.

Our Mission and Vision

To make repairing affordable and easily accessible to every car owner.

We provide quality services to all customers. All corporate firms regardless of fleet sizes are welcomed to join our family for a better savings opportunities.


We work every day to ensure all customers’ enquiries are being taken care of. We believe that each customer's value is much more important than anything else.

Determination - We are determine to provide the best quality service
Reliable - We aim to build a reliable company trusted by everyone
Guarantee - All of our repaired areas are guaranteed
Leader - We strive to become the leader in the industry
Assurance - We assure every repair will uphold all standards
Safety - Customer safety is our priority concern
Sharing - Nothing beats sharing insider Car Grooming tips


Another notable service that DrGlass (S) Pte Ltd  provides is headlight restoration. DrGlass is the nation's leading head light beautification company. Dr Glass' (S) Pte Ltd patented headlight restoration formula is the only system that guarantees to restore any failed head light to almost 100 percent new, regardless of its current condition or whether it's a result of a botched restoration. Dr Glass is so confident and knows that its system works that it offers the industry's only written warranty. If DrGlass' head light restoration fails, customers will get a new restoration service or the full amount refunded.

Other glass restoration services offered by DrGlass include commercial/private glass scratches restoration work, glass watermark removal and windscreen treatment.